About Joshroi

Joshroi a.k.a. Joseph, Jo, Joe, Jojo etc...

On Photography
I started photography more than a year ago and I hope that someday I can be a Leibovitz, Webber, S. Klein or Newton. I just feel like they are my heroes and many have already joined them the last time I checked.

I am the kind of person who you would usually see flipping through the pages of fashion magazines checking for great works to trigger my creative juices and religously follow the portfolios of the the icons of fashion photography. This is truly my passion and I hope to be doing fashion photography as a career soon.

I also like to take portraits of interesting people and capture the essence of their personality or simply prove to them that there is something interesting in everyone. I think it is important that a portrait reveals both images of how we see ourselves, whether in a realistic or surreal way, and how others view us. There are many ways of revealing these in a photograph and only when I manage to do so that I can say I am satisfied.

On my Point of View
I chose to name this site 'Point of View' as through this I will slowly share to everyone not only my POV on people and photography but also on the things that define my everyday life be it music, movies, fashion and topics that I love to talk about... love and other disasters...

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