Monday, May 31, 2010

Inspiring Fashiontography [1]: Teuku Ajie's Avante-Garde Gender-Bending Photos

Being an aspiring fashion photographer I have a fixation on all eye-catching or unique styles and techniques that photographers employ in their photos that  I happen to come across in magazine editorials or during the hours I spend on the internet. In fact I realised that my favorites bar already have a long list of sites of these photographers I have been following. I also have more in stored in my e-mail and hard drive. I saved them because I hope that one day I will be able to experiment on a shoot and that I will be able to evoke their look and feel.

Yes I'm just passionate about this craft and maybe in fact I'm just addicted. So as a way of releasing this sort of  'drug' that messes up my sleeping hours and daily routine, I'd like to start sharing the brilliant works and photographers that inspires or have continually inspired me to evolve in this creative field. I'm sure in one way or another you will notice that they have influenced my own style and techniques.


[TEUKIE AJIE] - photographer

I came across Teuke Ajie's blog few months ago and I have grown to be a follower of his work. It seems he is on a league of his own.

This particular editorial by Teuke shown below had blown me away by the excellent play of light and shadows. Looking at each photo I wondered how he or they thought of having them styled and lighted in that way because the photos seem very dramatic without the clutter of props, effects or a grand location. Each photo highlighted the avante-garde outfits aptly.

I would love to have one of his photographs framed and hanged in my room. They are really exquisite art pieces.

Check out his other works through his blog [] and see why he is definitely a one-to-watch.

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